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Features and advantages of fiber laser marking machine
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Features and advantages of fiber laser marking machine

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-08-17      Origin: Site


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In order to meet people's requirements for marking metal products, fiber laser marking machines need to have multi-functional features and the characteristics of the top four. high.

Laser marking machines have been launched into the market one after another, especially the fiber laser marking machine is the most representative, it can realize the marking of metal products, and the marking accuracy will be higher than that of traditional marking machines, and all kinds of workpieces produced and manufactured will have Higher precision, more environmentally friendly and beautiful, does not require subsequent processing, and improves efficiency.


Fiber laser marking machine has the following advantages:

1. Fiber laser processing has no consumables and saves costs.

2. Different materials can be used to improve the marking efficiency and marking range, and laser processing can also be carried out in areas with harsh environments.

3. Able to process a variety of metals and non-metals, especially materials with high hardness, high brittleness and high melting point.

4. The laser is easy to guide and focus, and completes the conversion consistent with the CNC machine tool, which is a very flexible processing method.

5. In laser processing, the laser has a strong energy density, and the speed can be maintained at a high speed due to partial resolution. Then, because of the small heat-affected zone, the thermal expansion of the workpiece is small, preventing subsequent complicated processing requirements.

6. Applying laser marking machine to carry out laser processing can effectively improve work efficiency, improve economic benefits and ensure product quality.


7. Low-cost and compact solution, using semiconductor optical fiber as laser generating material, no need for laser generating gas, low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

8. Non-contact processing, no direct impact on the workpiece, so it will not deform the machine, and the kinetic energy of the high-energy laser and its moving speed can be adjusted, so that various processing purposes can be realized.


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