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If you are interested in our laser machine or need any technical support, please feel free to contact us by the following ways:

   Industrial Park Weiji Town,Xuzhou City,Jiangsu Province, China 

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  •  After-sale warranty of Laser Machines

    First of all, thank you very much for purchasing a VANK laser product. In order to guarantee the smooth

    processing of after-sales service, we will make the following announcements:

    1. During the warranty period, equipment that meets the warranty conditions will be repaired free of


    2. Users using our equipment must ensure the integrity, independence and originality of the equipment.

    The company will not guarantee the following situations, and at the same time, the company reserves

    the right to pursue its legal responsibility for equipment damage caused by it or economic reputation

    loss caused to our company:

    1). Those who do not conform to the environment in which the equipment is used and still insist on

    using it;

    2). The modification of the equipment without permission includes the addition and reduction of components, the removal of replacement parts, or the use of parts or peripheral equipment other than ours;

    3). Failure to operate, maintain, or cause man-made damage according to the instructions;

    4). Damage caused by moving the equipment.

    3. Without affecting the product performance, our company has the right to change product specifications and naming methods without prior notice.

    4.Our company only bears legal obligations for the quality and performance of the products sold, and

    does not assume other indirect obligations and responsibilities.


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