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How easy is it for a novice to weld?
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How easy is it for a novice to weld?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-05-05      Origin: Site


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Vank-1000w 1500w 2000w fiber laser welding machine

Handheld contintous laser wo kding machine: it is mainly composed of fiber laser source. welkdingspsern. hand-hekd laser gun and waler cooling syslen.lhslead of tradifional welding methods:such as ainctric weldinp.argan cre weliding.ct..wmlding large work ilerms with less ccnsumabies.,drectly using lassr light ho liradiae the welding placa, melting the wark ilerms through high tomparatume, and then redlting the wnlding pracass, which it fanter than the tradtionall waldingmachine mathod, The waling seam ls amoother, the walding penetraion is larger , and mthe welding is more fiem. lit is the rost advanced weking equioment athis stage. ift is easy to operateand can be used by no eceperienced pervonnel to weld beautiIul producls. can be appled to the welding o dinc, copper, alurrinum gold sliver and other metals, as welas stainless steel alumirm alloy and other alloys of the same material. and can aho be oppledto lhe weliding of kw ccrbon slesl-oopper and olher cissimilo melcls.



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