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Judge the quality of CNC laser cutting machine
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Judge the quality of CNC laser cutting machine

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-02-14      Origin: Site


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Cutting accuracy is the first factor to judge the quality of CNC laser cutting machine. Four factors affecting the cutting accuracy of CNC laser cutting machine:

1. The size of the laser agglomeration of the laser generator. If the spot is very small after the aggregation, the cutting accuracy is very high, and the gap after the cutting is also very small. This shows that the precision of the laser cutting machine is very high and the quality is very high. However, the beam emitted by the laser is tapered, so the slit is also tapered. Under this condition, the greater the thickness of the workpiece, the lower the precision, so the larger the slit.

2, the accuracy of the workbench. If the accuracy of the table is very high, the precision of the cutting is also improved. Therefore, the accuracy of the workbench is also a very important factor in measuring the accuracy of the laser generator.

3. The laser beam is condensed into a cone. When cutting, the laser beam is tapered downwards. If the thickness of the workpiece to be cut is very large, the precision of the cutting will be reduced, and the cut gap will be very large.

4, the cutting materials are different, it will also affect the accuracy of the laser cutting machine. In the same situation, the precision of cutting stainless steel and cutting aluminum will be very different, the cutting precision of stainless steel will be higher, and the cut surface will be smoother.


In general, laser cutting quality can be measured by the following six criteria.

1.Cutting surface roughness Rz

2. Cutting slag size

3. Trimming verticality and slope u

4. Cutting edge fillet size r

5. After the stripe dragging n

6. Flatness F


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