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V-3015E Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The machine table machined by large planomiller, with high temperature annealing twice, andhigh strength complete welding customer will have long-term payback.
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1KW 1.5KW 2KW 3KW 4kw 6kw Fiber laser Cutting machine

Carbon steel/Stainless steel/Aluminum/Brass/Galvanized sheet...

Fiber laser cutting machine has the following characteristics:

(1) Select the cutting-edge fiber laser, the photoelectric conversion efficiency is extremely high, the performance is stable, and the service life of key components Up to 100,000 hours;

(2) There is no need to generate gas during laser generation, air-assisted cutting, optical fiber transmission, and no need to adjust the optical path;

(3) The laser is transmitted by optical fiber without reflective mirrors, which can save a lot of maintenance costs;

(4) Compared with other medium laser equipment, the fiber laser cutting machine has a smaller focus spot and higher work efficiency, Better processing quality;

(5) It can be used in any harsh working environment, that is, it has high resistance to dust, vibration, shock, humidity and temperature adaptability;

The processing advantages of fiber laser cutting machine are as follows:

(1) High precision, fast speed, narrow kerf, small heat-affected zone, smooth cutting surface without burrs;

(2) The laser cutting head does not touch the surface of the material and will not scratch the workpiece;

(3) The slit is the narrowest, the heat-affected zone is the smallest, the workpiece is partially deformed, and there is no mechanical deformation;

(4) Good flexible processing, can process any graphics, and can also cut pipes and other special-shaped materials;

(5) It can cut any hard material such as steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum alloy plate, and hard alloy without deformation cutting.


Product parameters

Model FC-3015E
Laser Power 1000w 1500w 2000w 3000w 4000w 6000w
Cooling Mode Water Cooling
Working Area 3000*1500mm
Marking Line Speed ≤7000mm/s
Cutting speed 0-40m/min
Positioning accuracy 0.01mm
Servo Motor Yaskawa
Working Table Knife table
Control Software System Cypcut
Graphic Format Supported AI, PLT, DXF, BMP, Dst, Dwg, DXP,LAS
Laser Source RAYCUS
Laser Head Brand Raytools


Model 1kw 1.5kw 2kw 3kw 4kw 6kw
Stainless Steel 1-5mm 1-6mm 1-8mm 1-10mm 1-14mm 1-6mm
Carbon Steel 1-12mm 1-16mm 1-18mm 1-22mm 1-14mm 1-25mm
Aluminum 1-3mm 1-4mm 1-6mm 1-8mm 1-8mm 1-20mm
Brass 1-3mm 1-3mm 1-6mm 1-6mm 1-6mm 1-12mm

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Core Parts


Raycus Laser Source

High-quality Raycus laser sourse is made in China, and the electro-optical conversion efficiency is as high as 50%, which is at the leading level in the industry.

♦ High electro-optical conversion efficiency

♦ Output fiber length can be customized

♦ Good beam quality, high energy density

♦ Wide modulation frequency range

♦ Small size, easy to install

♦ Maintenance-free operation

Auto-focus laser head

Updated version Raytools laser head with improved design of optics systems and gas circuit. Support up to 6KW power, with D37 lens combo for thick metal plate cutting.

♦ Compact design to reduce the payload of Z axis.

♦ Built-in double water cooled structures can ensure constant temperature of collimating and focusing components, avoid lenses overheating.

♦ Air cooling to nozzle which effectively protects the nozzle & ceramic part and extends the lifespan.

♦ Good sealing to keep beam path clean.

♦35mm Clear aperture which effectively reduces stray beam interference and guarantee cutting quality and lifespan.

♦ 5mm Clear aperturAuto focus to reduce human intervention.



S&A Water Chiller

Our fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with a high-efficiency double-circuit chiller. Each loop is independently controlled, with one cooling the fiber laser and the other cooling the optics. This means that you don’t need to buy two separate coolers, saving you money on purchases and saving space. In addition, this industrial chiller provides active cooling with ±0.5°C stability, which allows the fiber laser cutting machine to maintain very precise temperature control 24/7, so you can use the equipment more conveniently.

Company Profile

Anhui Codos Laser Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with years of experience in R&D, production, sales and technical maintenance in the laser equipment industry. With the professional laser technology as the backing, the company constantly absorbs advanced technology and design concept, and produces and sells laser equipment suitable for various industrial automation production needs.Our company's main products are optical fiber laser cutting machine, fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser engraving&cutting machine. All products through the CE certification, safe and reliable product quality. In addition to providing standardized products for our customers, we can also provide customized solutions to meet the needs of different customers.Our laser equipment are widely used in industries of electronic, medical, sheet metal, furniture, advertising, craft gifts, architectural model, industrial mold, luxury, decoration, identification, clothing, leather and other industries.We make the high quality advanced machines, we are providing the best after-sale service in China. And we are also offering the most competitive price to all of the customers. "VANK" is known by more and more people. At present, our products have been exported to many countries and regions such as Europe, South America, North America and so on. We have enjoyed the mutual benefit and will move on, and we hope to establish a long term business relations with more and more oversea customers.

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Product packaging



1.I am looking for CO2 laser machine, any recommendation?
A: Hi, there. Thank you for your concern about our laser cutting machine. It's essential to mention us about your cutting requests (materials, thickness, application and your expectation), our sales experts provides customized consulting service in term of your demand.
2.When I got this machine, but I don't know how to use it. What should I do?
A:We will send video and English manual with the machine. If you still have some doubts, we can talk by telephone or skype and e-mail.
3.How can I get the sample to check you quality ?
A:If you want to marking sample to check the quality, we can help you do this. first you need to provide the logo or design to us, free mark samples can be provided.
4.Do the machine can be customized according my requirements?
A:Sure,we have a strong technical team and have rich experience. Our goal is to make you satisfied.
5:Can you arrange the shipment for me?
A:We can arrange the shipment for our clients accordingly by sea and air. Trading terms FOB, CIF, EXW are available.
6:Why should you choose us?
We have the high attention and faster response of post-sales in 24hrs. We offer two years-warranty for all products to ensure their activities and after-sales.


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